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Edwin Hernandez LinkedinDr. Edwin A. Hernandez is a Managing Partner at Mobility Workx. Edwin is also a founder and owner of the EGLAVATOR, a Technology Incubator and Office Space in Boca Raton that hosts and assists over 14 startups & small businesses working on innovative Intellectual Property (IP) & Technologies. The EGLAVATOR in an entity owned by EGLA CORP, which is a corporation owned by Dr. Hernandez’ and his family.  The patents owned by Mobility Workx, LLC were created during Dr. Hernandez’ PhD dissertation work at the University of Florida. Hence, Mobility Workx and EGLA share the same core values of innovation and developing revolutionary technologies, besides the patents owned by Mobility Workx, Dr. Hernandez has contributed new ones like Cloud to Cable TV , a technology currently covered by 2 issued  patents, 1 European pending and 1 US Patent Application.  Dr. Hernandez currently assists  innovative startups in health technologies, media streaming, cloud computing, wireless technologies (e.g. 4G & 5G), and fintech.  Dr. Edwin has now 12 issued patents plus other pending applications, several publications, editorial board memberships, is part of the Industry Advisory board for Florida Atlantic University.  Dr. Hernandez has been a judge for the Mobile World Congress and hosts a technology & startups show called TECHEDTV. Dr.  Edwin also worked for Microsoft & Motorola in the past, and his company EGLA CORP also provides consulting services in technology commercialization, licensing, and expert witness consulting for tech companies. For additional information and Bio

Dr. Sumi Helal  Managing Partner at Mobility Workx is a fellow at IEEE, Editorial board president for IEEE Computer, a  Professor at the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Department at the University of Florida & University of Lancaster in England as the chair of “Digital Health.”   He is a recognized leader in the fields of Mobile and Pervasive Computing and Digital Health. His current research focuses on Smart Spaces (new technological enablers, architectures, ecosystem, intelligent interactions, and real-world deployments), Internet of Things (scalable cloud-sensor architectures for smart cities, IoT programmability, and city-scale IoT optimizations), and Assistive Technology (successful aging, affective and persuasive interactions, context-driven simulation, and assistive technology for the blind and hearing impaired). He is well-known for his interdisciplinary research on smart homes and Health Telematics in support of Health Care andhelal foto Aging, Disabilities, and Independence (ADI). He directs the Mobile and Pervasive Computing Laboratory in the CISE department at the University of Florida. He is co-founder and director of the Gator Tech Smart House, an experimental facility for applied research development and validation in the domains of elder care and health telematics. He led and directed the technology development of the NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Successful Aging (2001-2007). He is well-published, with over 280 books, 10+ patents, book chapters, journal/transaction articles, and conference and workshop articles. As an entrepreneur, he was the founder of PERVASA and PHONEOMENA, and some of his IOT and Sensor patents are now licensed by big players in the industry. Wikipedia Entry and  more


Michael Machat is one of the few private attorneys that has taken a case to the U.S. Supreme Court and won.  Various Six and Seven Figure Confidential Settlements representing clients up against Fortune 500 companies including the largest trademark jury award verdict in California in 2018.  More Information


David Randalll has over 25 years of experience in intellectual property law with an emphasis on patent and trademark prosecution, counseling, litigation and licensing as well as copyright, trade secret, false advertising and unfair competition. .

Mr. Randall focuses on all aspects of intellectual property law. IHe has managed high-stakes patent litigation matters in a broad range of technologies and have advised clients on over 20 inter partes review proceedings. He has also experienced in the strategic planning of his clients’ patent portfolios, including writing successful patent applications in complex and novel situations, in anticipation of possible future litigation. More Information