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Importance of Wireless Emulation

Importance of Wireless Emulation

Importance of Wireless Emulation: Apple Antenna Lab

According to news agencies, Apple has invested over $100M in its advanced antenna design and test labs, where apple engineers log thousands of hours testing and validating iPhones and iPads among other devices with 3G/4G capabilities.

Data indicated by Engadget in an article pointed out that:

” Ruben informed us that this particular chamber would run you about $1.2 million US dollars.”

Quoting Ruben Caballero one of Apple’s RF engineers (Source

In a different article from WIRED magazine:

“The difference with Apple is it built its own lab for the sake of having full, granular oversight on the design (and redesign) of its products. Prototypes go through several iterations and tests before they’re finalized into Apple products. (Of course, having its own lab also helps Apple better guard its secrets.) Source:




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